Season Predictions 2017/2018

So, just like last year I’m taking part in the work’s predictor league, it’s great fun and as it turns out I’m actually not too bad at predicting results. My downfall however was my season prediction sheet that you have to submit at the start of the season.

Let’s compare actual results with mine shall we?

2016/2017 Actual
Kirsty’s Predictions
Premier League Winners
Manchester City
Community Shield Winners
Manchester United
Leicester City
FA Cup Winners
League Cup Winners
Manchester United
Premier League Golden Boot
Harry Kane
Sergio Aguero
First Premier League Manager to be sacked
Francesco Guidolin
Francesco Guidolin
Premier League Relegation #1
Premier League Relegation #2
Premier League Relegation #3
Championship Promotion #1
Newcastle United
Newcastle United
Championship Promotion #2
Aston Villa
Championship Promotion #3
Brighton & Hove Albion
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Champions League Winner
Real Madrid
Bayern Munich
Europa League Winner
Manchester United
Super Cup Winners
Real Madrid
Real Madrid
FIFA Club World Cup Winners
Real Madrid
Real Madrid
La Liga Winners
Real Madrid
Bundesliga Winners
Bayern Munich
Borussia Dortmund
Serie A Winners
MLS Cup Winners
Seattle Sounders
New England Revolution
FIFA Ballon D’Or Winner
Cristiano Ronaldo
Lionel Messi

Yeah… that didn’t go so well did it? To be fair some answers weren’t entirely serious and I’ve followed that pattern somewhat this season too what with saying we’re going to win the Champions League haha! It doesn’t hurt to dream.

Premier League Winners – Chelsea. I can’t see anyone pipping them this season providing Conte stays put.

Community Shield Winners – Arsenal. I just don’t really want Chelsea to win this too haha.

FA Cup Winners – I’ve said we’ll win it, because why the hell not? And who seriously predicts cup winners anyway, it could be anyone.

League Cup Winners – Manchester City, again, I have no idea who will win this cup but thought it would be a safe bet to go with one of the big boys.

Premier League Golden Boot – Romelu Lukaku. Annoyingly, I genuinely think he’s going to find the back of the net frequently next season, it hurt to type a United player but it’s a win-win situation. He wins it I get extra prediction league points, he doesn’t I can lol.

First manager to be sacked – Slaven Bilic. There’s a few candidates to choose from but after last season it definitely felt like Bilic was on the ropes, a bad start and he’d be off I reckon.

Premier League Relegation #1 – Huddersfield. I don’t think they’re strong enough to stay up.
Premier League Relegation #2 – Watford. Looked dodgy last season, got rid of Mazzarri, Silva needs to hit the ground running.
Premier League Relegation #3 – Bournemouth. I don’t know what it is about Bournemouth I just seem to doubt them, I put them last season and it didn’t work out so we’ll see what happens.

Championship Promotion #1 – Wolverhampton Wanderers. In part I kind of have to put these down due to the fella’s footballing allegiances however I genuinely think they may have a shot, they’ve got a new manager in and have been pretty active in the transfer market.
Championship Promotion #2 – Fulham. Fulham always seem to be there or thereabouts, I think this season could prove to be a fruitful one.
Championship Promotion #3 – Norwich. Norwich are a team who are definitely going to be involved come the end of the season.

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Champions League Winner – Liverpool. Yes, I have entered pre-season delerium. I hope to god we get through qualifying else I’ll never live this down haha!

Europa League Winner – Sevilla. I seemed to go round the houses with this one, I was trying to analyse teams who may drop into the competition from the Champions League, then I was looking at teams who usually perform strongly in the competition… In the end I gave up and went with Sevilla cause they always seem to be winning it.

Super Cup Winners – Real Madrid. You’d be daft not to go with them.

FIFA Club World Cup Winners – Real Madrid. It was them or the mighty Auckland City.

La Liga Winners – Barcelona. Real Madrid can’t have everything can they?

Budesliga Winners – Bayern Munich. They’re almost a dead cert.

Serie A Winners – Juventus. I really, really wanted to put AC Milan, they’ve bought extremely well this window and I’m sick of seeing Juve at the top.

MLS Cup Winners – San Jose Earthquakes. I have no idea on this, literally no idea so I went with the earthquakes because I studied natural hazards at Uni and thought their name was cool… #tipster

FIFA Ballon D’Or – Cristiano Ronalo. I went with Messi last year and it was Ronaldo, watch it be Messi now.

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