Life Is Okay Again: Daniel Sturridge Reunited With Lost Dog

The former Liverpool player had his tiny pup stolen from his house this week.

Welcome to America, Danny. Former Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge, after leaving the Reds, Sturridge headed to sunny California, where he bought a house in Hollywood. Almost immediately, his tiny, adorable Pomeranian named Lucci was taken from there.

Sturridge put out a plea on social media, to try to reason with the kind of monster that would steal a man’s dog. He seemed genuinely heartbroken, which is tough to take from the usually sunny player.

But this story has a happy ending. Thanks to the media attention, especially around LA, Lucci has been found and returned safely to Casa Sturridge.

On Wednesday morning, Sturridge posted another Instagram video thanks the fans for the support, and letting them know that Lucci is back where she belongs.

As a dog owner, with said dog currently smushed right up against me despite the 100 degree heat, I don’t want to imagine the heartache and worry that would accompany losing her — particularly in a brand new city.

Hopefully we have plenty more adorable Lucci Instagram videos to look forward to in the future.

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Source: Liverpool Offside