5 Best Things about Liverpool’s BPL Season So Far

The Premier League 15/16 has just started, and the Reds only played 3 matches so far – but there already were plenty of reasons to get (reasonably) excited for what’s to come. Liverpool is currently enjoying the 3rd place and 7 points – a good start to build on. Here’s 5 of the highlights from the three brilliant games!

  1.   1. 3 Games, 3 Clean Sheets

 It‘s safe to say that the defence is looking solid this season, and the stats speak for themselves. While all of the defenders are to be thanked for that, the goalkeeper Simon Mignolet definitely deserves a special mention as he does his part brilliantly. He has 12 clean sheets in 2015 BPL – more than anyone else!


Simon Mignolet‘s save against Arsenal‘s forward Olivier Giroud

  1. Joe Gomez

Many Liverpool fans are chuffed about J. Gomez – this footballer is already proving his worth, and he‘s merely 18. Currently, he‘s outperforming the League‘s best left backs – and only for £3.5 million at that. Five tackles, five interceptions, and four blocks were the highlights of his Arsenal game: impressive to say the least. Hopefully the lad can keep up with the high expectations everyone already has for him!


Gomez in action against Stoke City!

  1. Martin Skrtel

Skrtel was pretty brilliant in the match vs Arsenal, and his defence was looking really well in the previous games. He is known to power through pretty much anything, and the lad really puts 100% into the game – I mean, just look at this gif of him shouting at his own teammate. Wouldn‘t want to be the opposition against this one!


Scary stuff.

  1. Christian Benteke

Looks like Benteke‘s proving to be worth the £32.50 million transfer free – the forward has already scored a goal for the team, and his last BPL season saw him score 13 in total. Judging by how he‘s doing on the field, he should be able to replicate that number easily – maybe he will even get to his record 19 of 12/13 season?


Here’s Benteke in the match against Bournemouth.

  1. Philippe Coutinho‘s Goal vs Stoke City

There‘s really no better way to kick off the season than with a win – and especially one where the goal was as beautiful as that. Coutinho is looking world class and his incredible talent can be a very important factor in Liverpool‘s success this season.



While the previous season under Brendan Rodger‘s supervision wasn‘t exactly inspiring, his choices seem to be much more pleasing this year. The combination of veteran and new signings is working well so far, and players such as right back Nathaniel Clyne and midfielder James Milner are very promising.

The BPL clubs are known for spending big and whilst Liverpool definitely spent a good chunk of cash on Betenke with a £32.55m fee and Roberto Firmino £28.70m, Gomez‘s signing is already being called a steal at £3.43m and Milner‘s was even free.

The chances for Liverpool pushing to the top are looking positive, and Week 4 should conclude with a win against West Ham: at TonyBet, the Reds‘ odds are at 7/20, while the opposition‘s only at 157/20! It could be the 13th clean sheet for Mignolet – the match is on Saturday 29th, 3 PM.

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