With Respect

by Ernie Fox (@ernietfox)

It’s the International break and as people who know me are aware I have fairly strong opinons about the International game, the organisation that reeps the rewards of its global success and the impact it has on the fans who fund the sports’ existence week in and week out. But events in France on friday night have caused me to hold back for at least a short time.

Instead I would like to take the opportunity to offer my own sincere condolences to all those effected by the horrific events that took place in Paris. If football has taught me nothing else, it is that no matter our differences of opinions there are some things that can bring the world together, to show that effectively, we are all the same.

When France travel to play England in the International friendly at Wembley it will be so much more than just a meaningless match; it will be a moment of humanity, for two nations to come together in solidarity.

Therefore, out of respect I won’t be worrying about the minor frustrations that come from International breaks that create such interruptions to the league season. Instead, I think it is a time for all fans; whether you class yourself primarily as a Liverpool fan, English or just a fan of the game, to stand side by side. Football is a sport that can bring people together, and at times such as these that is exactly what we need.

Rarely have the following words seemed so relevant not only to the events taking place on the field but equally to those taking place off it.

You’ll Never Walk Alone

Ernie Fox

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